Where Can I Sell My Unwanted Car for Cash in Newcastle?

Posted On February 24th, 2017

Do you want to sell your old car? Are you ready to move to your next car? If yes, you mainly have three ways of selling your car:

  • Privately
  • Trade-in on a new car
  • Sell it to a professional old car buyers, removalists and recyclists

The first two options are time-consuming and you may not get the offer, which you are hoping for. In both cases, you rarely have any control over the price, and also you might have to undertake the expenses of additional repairs, to make your vehicle sell-ready for the market. On the other hand, selling your unwanted and damaged car to elite car removal Newcastle, eases you of all repair and maintenance burdens, and hastens the selling process. The advantages of selling your car to an expert company are:

  • You will be eligible to receiving a free towing service provided by the company. As for selling it privately or trading in your vehicle, you will have to take the responsibility of arranging for towing of your vehicle to the location desired by the buyer. Whereas, the professional companies will send in professionals and machinery to safely and quickly pick-up your car from your workplace or home, without causing any trouble to you.
  • The professional companies purchase old vehicles in an as is, where is basis. It does not matter, if your vehicle is running or not and registered or not, the professionals will purchase the car from you and take care of all the paperwork. You can forget about having to service, repair and maintain your old car, for selling it.
  • With elite car removal Newcastle service providers, you will have the opportunity to earn instant cash. You do not have to wait upon finding a potential buyer or wait for the money, everything is taken care of in an instant. The moment your car is being towed away by the experts, you will be receiving cash, immediately.
  • Quick service offered by professional companies make sure that your driveway is cleared and you can make space for a brand new car.
  • The services offered by expert car removal companies are usually tailored to the needs and preferences of the old car seller. You will decide upon the date, the time and the location, according to your availability.
  • Professional car removal companies do not have any hidden fees or charges. You simply have to call the company and provide them with the details of your vehicle and ask for an obligation free quote. The price quote is going to include the recycle value of your vehicle. Once the amount has been agreed upon, your car will be sold within 24 hours of your call and you will receive the exact amount, that has been decided upon.

To enjoy the above-mentioned advantages of selling to an expert elite car removal Newcastle company, make sure that you connect with a licensed buyer, who carry out environment-friendly wrecking and recycling process of old vehicles. By selling your old and unwanted car to these expert companies, you will not only be earning good money, but also doing your bit for the environment.