Get Cash for Your Old Car in Newcastle up to $9999

Posted On April 16th, 2019

If you’re living in Newcastle and are looking at selling your old, unwanted car, then we have a few tips for you! It’s not easy to sell a car in Newcastle, but it’s not impossible.


Most car owners want to get rid of their cars for these reasons:

  1. They want to buy a new car and they do not have the resources for two cars. Most car owners that need to buy a new car usually sell the car that they already own in order to get cash for the new vehicle. Also, they might not have a garage space for an old, unwanted car plus another new car. Honestly, it just is much more feasible to own one car and maintain it well.
  2. They are scrap cars or are completely useless. I know it could be a little hard to believe, but a lot of people end up keeping their vehicles at home for long enough to turn them into scrap vehicles. Well, this happens when people think ‘Oh, we’ll see when we can sell it’, yet it never gets sold!
  3. The registration for the car has expired and they don’t want to get it registered again. The only option is to sell it for a lower price! But wait, there could be a better option, let’s have a look!


  • You can sell your car for cash to a professional car buyer that will buy your second-hand car or a used vehicle. They usually resell the vehicles that they buy. They may also dismantle the body for parts of the particular car.
  • You can sell your car to a scrap car dealer if your car is turning into a piece of junk or scrap. If your car is just being a rotten piece of metal in your garage, it’s time to let it go. Your car will be removed from your location, and you will get paid for it if you get in touch with Elite Car Removals in Newcastle.
  • You can sell your car to a car wrecker who will then dismantle your entire vehicle and use it for its parts. This happens when a car isn’t fully functional but still holds some value. They usually sell the rest of the car which is then used for scrap metal recycling by the scrap car dealers.


Elite Car Removals is a car removal company, a car buyer, and a scrap car dealer, all in one! We also provide all these car removal services for free in Newcastle. Our only motto is to serve the consumer without any hassle, with premium service for premium customers.


Get in touch with Elite Car Removals, the only premium car removal service in Newcastle that offers top cash up to $9999 for cars, old and new.

You can get in touch with our customer care team by calling us on 0434 276 003 or by sending us your query through the quote form available online.