4 Essential Tips on Selling Car

Posted On September 27th, 2017

One of the most important factor car owners wants when selling a car is to get as much as cash possible whether its a scrap car, old, damaged or unwanted car and it can also be a truck, van, ute, 4×4. We’ve come up with 5 tips and guides on how you can sell your car for highest cash rate especially in Newcastle, New South Wales. Getting rid of your car privately can often be time consuming and hassle but there are ways that you can do as car seller to minimize time it takes to sell a car privately. In today’s world there are car removal companies in almost every regions like Elite car removals operates in Newcastle, Swift cash for cars offers car removal service in Brisbane and there are many to name. We’ll outline 5 tips on how you can sell your car for cash through car removal company and to get as much as possible.

Tip 1: Car Removal company offers car wrecking service

Depending on your vehicle’s make, model and condition the best way to sell your car is to call a car removal company that is also a car wrecker. Car wreckers offer more cash for cars that are higher year made as there is more demand for parts. The higher the year made and more cash to expect as the wrecking companies use parts for resell.

Tip 2: Clean the car

Cleaning the car before selling gives the buyer an impression that the car has been regularly maintained and serviced, This option is for car that are higher year made and is in working condition. Perhaps take it for a quick car wash. Make sure there is no belonging left inside the car as most people does. Normally cars that are clean often gets you more money.

Tip 3: Get Ownership paper ready

You don’t want to waste your valuable time at the time of sale as car removals company requires proof of ownership without proof you cannot sell your car for cash. Before making arrangements check with the company what documents are required, Mostly they require registration paper, photo ID and keys. If somehow a vehicle is on your property for more then 3 months then its best to get a certificate of uncollected goods which the either the local council or police station will provide.

Tip 4: Remove the rego plate

If your selling a car for scrap or wrecking then must remove the rego plates as it needs to be cancelled. If your car has more then 3 months rego then your eligible to get a refund back from RMS and ctp insurance. When removing the licence it also saves time as the tow truck driver is normally in a hurry.

Following these 4 tips will eventually save you time and money. Selling your car online is often time consuming and costs why not call companies such as Elite car removals that also offer reliable and exceptional car removals service.