How to Get Rid of Your Old Car Today in Newcastle

Posted On August 18th, 2016

Car’s take up a lot of room and when you want it gone you should be able to get rid of it straightaway. Its unlikely selling it privately will achieve this and you should get in touch with a reputable car removal company instead. Elite Car Removal will ensure a fast removal process and pay cash on the spot. Here’s how to get rid of your old car today.

Use a Local Car Removal Service

The internet is the easiest way to gain access to thousands of listings of car removal companies. Refine your search to your local area to find a company that is nearby. Enquire about their licensing and insurance and confirm they are actually local by checking their address. When you’ve selected a few companies you can get Instant Quotes by contacting them directly. Compare the quotes to get a great deal.

Accept a Fair Deal for Your Old Car

If you’ve chosen a business that you are happy to use, then the next step is to accept the cash estimate. Once you have done this the tow truck can get to you in no time at all and they will hand over the cash. Generally car removal companies are available 24/7 and can work around a time that is most convenient for you. If you have obtained a few quotes you will be able to determine if the one you are accepting is fair. The price they give you will be based on the condition of your vehicle. The estimate also factors in the weight and size of the vehicle along with their perceived value of any parts or materials.

Old Car Removal

Have Your Paperwork Handy

In order to get rid of your car today you need to get prepared in advance. Ensure you have any necessary paperwork available. Your Car Removal Service will be able to inform you of what you need. They will usually ask for the Title of Ownership. Other documents may include the scrap certificate or the car’s registration. Let them know what you have available prior to pick up.

Instant Cash for Your Car

If you use a reputable business the whole process from start to finish is quick. It can all happen within the one day including payment. If you choose to use Elite Car Removal it shouldn’t take long at all. It can all take place from your own home as they will come to you. After the technician checks the car matches your description you can sign over any ownership documents and sign a sales contract. The cash will be handed over at this point. From the moment they arrive to towing away your car should take no more than an hour.

Get rid of your car today by researching a Top Car Removal company that services your area. Accept a decent cash quote to get the ball rolling. Ensure you are organised and have any documents required. To have your car off your driveway today contact Elite Car Removal.